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At Nowak Tours, we pride ourselves on designing trips that are as enjoyable and carefree as possible for our travelers. We offer customized itineraries, so our travelers can enjoy a trip that meets all of their needs as well as their budget. Nearly all of our tours include a Company Tour Manager on each motor coach from departure to return, which allows your staff to maximize their time with their group members, leaving the logistics and trip details to us.
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19 Feb

How To Fit Your Life Into a Carry-On

  Packing is usually the bane of every traveler’s life; I know it is in mine. It doesn’t matter how little you think you’re taking, there doesn’t seem to be that much empty space left in your pack. This is especially true when you only want...

Nowak Tours - Locals Know Best
20 Jan

Ask the Locals

  Locals know best. In a contest regarding places to visit, restaurants to try, and side trips to take, held between a Google search and the local population, nine times out of ten, the locals will win.   We promise you. This is why we've mentioned this tip...

Chicago Boat Tour
7 Oct

Tour Manager of the Month: Vicki Melega

  CONGRATS, Vicki! You're Tour Manager of the Month! Vicki is in her 13th year managing tours for us. Prior to coming on board to Nowak Tours, she was a high school English teacher. Since Nowak Tours is a seasonal responsibility for Vicki, she also gets the pleasure of working simultaneously...

Creative Travel Photography
21 Aug

Creative Travel Photography

  When you Google "travel photography" of where you’re off to, the photos that come up are stunning and devoid of people, trash, and the random items that often accompany your own. You’ve read about how it’s better to be “in the moment” instead of trying to...

Camera-less traveling
12 Apr

Camera-less Traveling

  Trading adventure for beautiful photo ops? I know, I must be crazy. I drove across the country for 2 1/2 months and I didn't take my DSLR. This wasn't an accident - I actually thought a lot about this tough decision of camera-less traveling. I was a...

Travel Apps
12 Mar

Travel Tips: Best Travel Apps

As we head into our busiest season we thought we'd prepare you by showing you travel tips and ideas. Our first post on the topic deals with something we know our travelers will appreciate: Travel Apps. From students to seniors - all of these applications...

5 Dec

5 Tips to Keep Holiday Travel Jolly

  We know travel. We know the good, the bad, and the ugly. And in an effort to replace the ugly that can sometimes accompany such a cheerful time, we’ve gathered some tips and tricks to do holiday travel right.   Watch airline prices and check your dates....